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Our Culture

If you were to ask the colleagues what is so great about working at Acorel, the majority will say: the great colleagues and the informal culture. The owners are very involved and you can always contact them, just like your colleagues. Everyone is genuinely interested in how you are doing. You will not feel like a number at Acorel. We take care of each other and are always open for a chat, sparring together or helping a colleague if they can't figure it out. We are convinced that we achieve the best result together. Everyone contributes to that.

A healthy work-life balance and the necessary relaxation are also important to us at work. There is a lot of drinks, lunch and dinner. You could call us Burgundian. The activities we organize are always taken care of down to the last detail and always include delicious food and drinks. The snack drawers and fridge are well stocked and there is always time for a game of pool or table football. We also get relaxation from sports: mountain biking, playing padel or going to the gym at the office. It really doesn't matter what you do and what you like. There is always room for whether you knit, make music or have a passion for volunteering. The basis is interest in people and ensuring a pleasant working environment.

We are known in the market as the expert on Customer Experience. A knowledge club where continuous improvement and development are central. Customers like to work with us because we take responsibility in a project. We go the extra mile to make a project a success. In addition, we are realistic and clear to our customers about what is needed to achieve the desired result. We spend a lot of time at the start of a project to clarify the requirements. To ensure that a customer is not faced with unpleasant surprises. We are therefore proud when customers come back to us and when we have really helped a customer further. Because of our brand awareness in the market, we are allowed to work with leading clients and interesting projects. We like to challenge and make complex problems simple, we call it 'puzzling'. Finally, you get a lot of space and freedom to bring up new initiatives and develop yourself further.

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